Rabu, 07 Desember 2016

Membuat Minuman Buah Yang Segar Untuk Buka Puasa

Membuat Minuman Buah Yang Segar Untuk Buka Puasa -The pages of a diary belonging to a row of posts already filled   so neat. I wonder what would happen if the pages were already full by the words the expression of liver . because that's the only diary that became a center of life  outpouring of sorrow. Since then, I'm getting scared. I'm afraid of losing him. I know he never liked my presence. But please god, I still want him to stay in this world. Dear diary. I'm glad kak  healed. I am very happy and grateful kak  still exists in this world according hopes. Although I'm sorry I did not get to say that last sentence for him. Thank God, I can still see it from this wonderful place. Although my body can not touch it again. But my soul is always with him. Maybe this way I will be remembered. because my greatest desire is just, can see kak  happy. And I'm happier here see the smile that I always craved. I was happy to see he does not feel pain anymore. And I will be proud of myself. Kak , I just leave the two kidneys is to you, I hope you always keep me. I know brother would refuse if I speak directly to you kak . Therefore, I tried to hide it. Until one day, time will tell everything to sister. serve ice fruit specials for you family kak .

 closes his diary book and then towards the dining table for breakfast. Already as ordinary people he loved nothing there. For the umpteenth time he took a deep breath to vent the pain in his heart. After school, visible expression in the faces  pleasure. He headed  class and intends to take her home with, as well as to apologize for his attitude during this time on . make bakso sapi when the day of eid al adha after arriving at  class, the class was empty. Maybe own home first thought. Somehow he longed at . He really wanted to apologize for being who previously were always rough on .  chose to walk home. On the way, he saw  ran in front of him. He was chasing  and she saw  dropped something. When he took it, turned out to be a diary. When he would pursue  again, he had not viewed .

It's been seven days and seven nights Lisa locked herself in her room. Ordinary young people today definitely a problem man. Indeed, the man is always wrong and women are always right. But only a foolish man who said so. Reza decided Lisa. Too bad relationship that has been running for three years have run aground in the middle of the road just for trivial matters but rather may be due to boredom.

Reza Aliando. Youth aged 18 years and 5 months 12 days. Registered as a class XII student in one of the Madrasah Aliyah in Purwokerto. Relationship since the tenth grade classmates. Alisa Safitri. School finished courtship was completed. Perhaps the adage is right for them.

Town center dating people on a week night, they officially became singles back. Actually, she does not want to part with Reza. He was very fond of him. But what Reza power is not able to maintain a relationship. Reason Reza decided Lisa Lisa just because of the nature of childish. Lisa did admit he has not been able to grow up. Spoiled acute level. He also likes to invite Reza go either eat together, to the movies, to a friend's house, or just spend petrol streets around the Purwokerto. Lisa sometimes did not understand the bustle Reza.