Rabu, 07 Desember 2016

Bikin Kue Biskuit Untuk Camilan Keluarga di Rumah

Bikin Kue Biskuit Untuk Camilan Keluarga di Rumah - Not long after I nanya to Novi, there are mothers cried because he said there was a dead cat, I was thinking what is it sweet? I immediately saw the dead cat.
And how lemasnya me and how I could not hold back my tears? It turns dead cat was sweet. I never would have thought that would happen kaya gini. Eyeballs out of his eyes, the stench was overpowering, and the body covered with wounds. I cried uncontrollably. I cried sekenceng-kencengnya. I still never thought that my dear sweet cat should die as tragic it.

I intend going ngebawa cat's body home, like I was buried in the house, but instead the cat brought the residents to other places and not ngebolehin I bring sweet home. I'm really angry. What right do they ngelarang I take my cat's own home? But they said assorted kue sus with cream strobery afraid I can not. I went home and immediately ngabarin mother still selling at Tirto. I tell you that sweet death, and had brought the residents to be buried in their garden.

Shortly mother came and she tried to make me more delicious where lumpia vs pizza which nangisnya not stop-stop. How would stop trying? Sweet my baby should die as tragic it? I nangisin sweet night. The next morning I woke up with puffy eyes for quail eggs. I departed with a sad heart, got to school, I quietly wrote, rich people dumb. My friend's apartment so confused why my attitude changed.

In class, I was not able ngebendung my tears, I ended up crying in class. My eyes are swelling spread. The first break my friends ngehampiri me, I'm the same story of their pet cat if I die. But they instead on laughing. I'm mad, I tell them to go away, and I do not have to ask for help if another distress.